Mary Andrioni
Woodbridge, ON


Years ago I heard about breast thermography but was reluctant to do it because my doctor did not approve of it. I have fibrocystic breast disease and I’m being screened with mammography every 6 month. I decided to give thermography a try and have never regretted it since. Thermography provides me with an early warning system that I use it to monitor my breast health. There is no radiation or painful compression of my breasts and it gives me information that no other test can. I get my annual exams with thermography now. I do not need to radiate my breasts every 6 months any more and my doctor is fully supportive of thermography now.



Elsie Schulz
Kitchener, ON


I am writing this to let women know that there are options out there.  Empower yourselves. Take control of your own health.  Don't be complacent and wait until you are faced with this... my story.
After a routine mammogram I was asked to come back for additional imaging, a cone mammogram.  What I had to endure was more radiation and very painful spot compressions. 
What this detected were calcium deposits in the tissue of my right breast.  Because these microscopic spots cannot be felt and could indicate a precursor to cancer I was told that I would need to have another cone mammogram in 6 months to monitor the progression of the calcification.  Needless to say, I was petrified.  

I could not see myself waiting another 6 months only to endure the same procedure again.  This is when I found the Thermography Clinic in Kitchener.  I found out that Thermography is used worldwide as a breast evaluation and cancer risk assessment test.  Thermography images the temperature and vascular supply in the breasts and can tell if something abnormal is happening in the breasts years before any other means of testing does. 

My results fell within the normal range suggestive of either fibrocystic breast disease or hormonal imbalance.  What a relief!
Mary was wonderful...  Not only did the Thermogram give me peace of mind but also Mary counseled me on other preventive measures that I could follow to promote breast health, which I have incorporated into my daily routine. I can't wait to see what my next Thermogram will show.

I would encourage every woman to learn more about Thermography.  It is safe (no radiation) and worth every penny for the peace of mind it provides.


Ruth Walker
Willowdle, ON


Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to Thermography Clinic and your dedication to women’s health.


My sister died from breast cancer 3 years ago and I have been very anxious about my breasts ever since. From the first time I came into your office you have made me feel at ease and provided me with practical information that I can use to lower my risk and improve my breast health. I’m no longer living a life of fear and anxiety, Thank You!





Bonnie Reynolds
Toronto, ON


I never heard of breast thermography until my friend mentioned it to me. I was very skeptical but decided to do it anyway. What an incredible experience. No radiation or squishing of my breast and everything they told me was right on the mark. I’m so grateful to my friend who recommended this to me.

I advise all women who are proactive about their health to do it.