Breast Thermography Studies


Case Study 1


  • Palpable lump right breast located at 8-9 o'clock
  • No other test or reports available
  • Strong family history of breast cancer
  • Referred for structural testing, confirmed positive






Thermography Breast Scan Cancer Positive

Case Study 2

Left breast elevated risk along with possible dental pathology


Case Study 3

  • Patient refused mammography & biopsy
  • Changed her mind after Thermography
  • Left Breast Carcinoma later confirmed





Thermography Breast Scan Carcinoma Confirmed 2Thermography Breast Scan Carcinoma Confirmed 3

Case Study 4

6 months of I3C Supplementation before and after effects.

Thermography Breast Scan I3C Supplementation Before










Thermography Breast Scan I3C Supplementation After




The Blind Spot

Using Natural Progesterone cream only. In some cases this may lead to elevating risk for breast cancer.

Serum (blood) tests will not show this but thermography will.



Date: 6/5/2007


Thermography Image Blind Spot 1
Nipple           Right=28.1c    Left=29.0c AT=1.0c

Periareolar   Right=29.9c    Left=30.3c At=0.4c











Date: 2/2/2010

Thermography Image Blind Spot 2


Nipple           Right=25.0c     Left=27.61c   At=2.61c

Periareolar    Right=27.00c   Left=30.42c   At=3.42c