Other Thermography Applications


Carotid Occlusal Disease

Thermography Carotid Occlusal Disease Diagram

Carotid Artery disease develops slowly and often unnoticed.


The first outward clue may be a stroke or TIA "mini stroke"








Thermography Carotid Occlusal Disease


Identification with the use of infrared thermography is quick and non-invasive.

Myofacial Symptoms

May involve a trigger point with a referred pain.









The actual cause or site of the injury may not be in the same location of complaint.

Sinus Infections


Thermography Sinus Infection

Left facial findings are consistent with the apperance of an oral or sinus infection.







Thermography Decreased Thyroid function


Anterior neck coolingis consistent with the appearance of decreased thyroid function.


Facial findings are consistent with the apperance of sinus irritation.



TMJ Diagnostics

Thermography Image of TMJ right side of head

R = 34.8 C








Thermography Image of TMJ left side of head


L = 35.3 C     At = 0.5 C

Carpal Tunnel 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Top of hands

Hands findings are consistent with the apperance of carpal tunnel syndrome.






Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Bottom of hands

Warming of hte left 3rd digit suggest the presence of inflammation.

Thoracic Images

Thermography Neck Posterior

Posterior neck, upper back and posterior shoulder warming suggest muscular irritation to the neck, trapezius, infrasoinatus and suprasoinatus. 






Thermography Image Thoracic Cooling

Thoracic cooling is consistent with the appearance of stress to the lungs.


Thermography Fibromyalgia Image

Hot spots over the rhomboids suggest the presence of tigger points frquently associated with fibromyalgia.

Plantar Fascitis

Thermography Plantar Fasciitis image

Left foot warming is consistent with the appearance of plantar fascitis and inflammation of the heel.