Dental Thermography Studies

Dental Case Study 1


June 2010 Initial thermography performed.


(L)TMLAT = 0.5 ºC and Hyperthermia in the region of 1st - 2nd premolar.


Dental Exam - no abnormalities, Bite Splint was done. Patient refused any additional dental work.


February 2011 patient complained of sensitivity on chewing in the lower right side.


Exam showed gingival inflammation and furcation involvement of 7mm pocket. Extraction was performed.






  Thermography image Gingival InflammationDental issuesDental issues 2  

Dental Case Study 2

Patient exhibits Necrotic Molar in the lower left jaw.












Case Study 3


Upper right 1st permolar - necrotic

Lower right bridge with necrotic tooth

NecroticTooth-XRayNecroticTooth XRay Upper